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MBF-International exists to provide bespoke management and business solutions for its clients across Europe and world-wide. Our portfolio ranges from executive coaching and team mentoring, through a range of training and consultancy solutions to "action learning" academic qualification programmes.

Our Faculty and Associates encompass a level of expertise that can facilitate a host of different learning and development solutions in all aspects of today's management and business agenda

As specialists in the Hospitality Sector,  our experience embraces a range of consultancy support and interim management capabilities – devising a Business Plan for a new hospitality enterprise;  evaluating the viability for marketing and operational improvements to impact on profitability;  developing an authentic ‘service’ culture; coaching and inspiring management in effective operations, processes and leadership.

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This programme which is supported by MBF International, is open to independent consultants and practitioners (KES status) and in-company executives, managers, and trainers (KIS status) on submission of the relevant application to Kolbe Corp.

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